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In addition to creating beautiful pieces of art, Perla Art offers Creative Consulting services for corporations or individuals.

These services include:

Art in the office
Original art or art leasing to enhance your brand and engage visitors, customers, and employees

Art Strategy and Design
Rearrange your current art or incorporate new pieces for a cohesive look. Advice on art buying.

Color Consultations
Color has the ability to affect our mood and level of energy, so it’s important to choose colors that enhance the atmosphere and complement the room’s use. Perla Art offers in-home color consultations for a single room or a brand-new palette. Available to home owners and interior designers.

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Team Building and Parties
Add an artistic experience to your next event. Choose from paint-and sip activities, guided painting, relaxing bubble art, or group-created artwork or murals.

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Gift Certificates Available

Do you know someone who needs a little joy in their life? From a color consult to a new master piece for their home or office, a gift certificate will be a big hit because they get to choose what joy means to them!

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Six months ago, I opened a small business in Sterling, VA. I thought passion alone would propel it to success. And it did take off! After four months, I was exhausted and disorganized. Jill and I met for coffee one afternoon to talk. She was clear and concise and direct about business goals and planning vs. my emotional, exhausted, disorganized self. I walked away wondering if my business was sustainable. She told me to hang in there and started to carefully guide me. Through emailed business questions, zoom calls and encouragement (even an impromptu call to her for reminders and validation) I began the process of enjoying my business again, feeling more in control and getting better sleep and overall results! I'm excited to continue my work with her. I can't say enough how thankful I am for her guidance.

Kochany Wellness


Jill is one of a kind,like the best friend you never had, but always needed! Her mind is just endlessly creative, you can feel it all the way down to even the way she uses her words. Because of her background in the corporate world, she manages to give you that rare gift of having a business mind with an intensely artsy and creative streak. We have worked together for over a year now and I can honestly say that it has never been anything but productive, clarifying and original.Jill will always tell you openly and honestly, yet in a kind and constructive way, what she thinks, thus pushing you to be more mindful in whatever endeavor you find yourself in. She has a very realistic mind, being a planner and amazing with her business numbers, but she also gives that rare gift of never losing the joy and vision that comes with her knowledge and talent in anything art related. When she applies these talents to your own ideas, she somehow accomplishes to get you less busy. She maps things out for you, organizes them for you so well and so creatively, that your health and happiness improves,while lowering your stress level. I'm excited to see what our future work together will bring!

A. Retuesch


I have been working with Jill to help me develop my business in a very organic, holistic way.  She has taken the time to understand my business and where I want to build.  Jill has also been fully attentive in learning about me and my vision, my passions and brings a very unique perspective to my business.  Through her visual, tangible "homework," I take her thoughts and perspective with me and continue to work on the things we discussed.  I have found this exceptionally helpful as I am such a visual learner and worker. This has really helped me develop myself along with my business!  She has made some wonderful connections for me through her extensive network, and keeps me in mind when there is a potential opportunity.  Jill provides such insight that I have not received from others. She is very true in her intention to help small business owners as she has created a very successful business on her own and is very happy to share her knowledge and thoughts with me.  She continues to support me in between meetings and is an absolute joy to work with! I look forward to all of our meetings and working together!

M. Beaver

Jill Perla Art

Art touches the soul... art is communication. It reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing. Thank you for visiting. Jill Perla


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