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From Designed with Wine™, Paint and Pint™, and Designed with Purpose™ events where novices paint to their hearts content in local wineries and restaurants, to art experiences that touch the soul, Jill delves into every aspect of your creative self.

Perla Art is happy to offer art events in addition to traditional artwork.

Due to COVID-19 we are unable to do live art events, but we are happy to offer Creative Kickstart.

  • Corporate Retreats on-site or on-location
    Retreats are designed to promote problem solving, productivity, and
    encourage different perspectives in a positive environment.
    These exercises tap into the creativity of individuals and give them the
    confidence in their own creative abilities. Participants find successful
    ways to work with colleagues while increasing innovative thinking and inspiration.
  • Private Art Tours
  • Private Art Events in home, office or establishment
  • The Art of Series™
  • Partnerships

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After hours of learning, Jill Perla came in and helped each staff member create a painting for each of them to take to their offices and then all of the staff members came together to create one piece of art for their office lobby. This showcased to their patients that their team was a cohesive well oiled machine.

Dr. Kelly Morgan


Working with Jill Perla was a pleasure, from start to finish. She conducted a creative, energetic, and memorable team building event for our company. Jill was professional, easy to work with, and she met the specific needs for our event. The best part is that we get to display a beautiful piece of artwork in our office, as a reminder of what collaboration can look like.

Kelly Mitchell
IPA Global

Jill Perla Art

Art touches the soul... art is communication. It reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing. Thank you for visiting. Jill Perla


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