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Tap into your creative energy with relaxing online art!

Know you are ready now and want a monthly art experience?

If you are looking to expand your horizons, this is for you! You don’t need to be an artist or particularly creative, in fact the people who say they can’t paint do very well in classes. The beauty of the classes are that they are recorded so you can go back and retake the class on your own time too! The less experience you have the more open you are to learning something new and that will help you make breakthroughs in your personal life, get clear and motivate you. You don’t need to be an artist to embrace an artistic new view of the world - just a willingness to try.

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Inject creativity and painting into your routine! This will set in motion changes and progress that move you towards a goal any goal that you may have and allow you to tap into an internal source of energy to:

  • Get Clear
  • Focus on goals
  • Become more adaptable
  • Become more adaptable
  • Find greater satisfaction from your life
  • Bring more creativity into your everyday life
  • Be open to change and new experiences
  • Gain a deeper appreciation for your strengths
  • Discover new interests 

Available Classes

Let's Paint Bubbles Together!

Fri, May 21, 202112:00 PM – 1:00 PM AST

Grab your paint and brushes and let's relax by painting bubbles! All ages and skill levels are welcome. I will walk you through this meditative class that is sure to relieve stress and lift your mood!

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Beach and Palm Painting Fun

Tue, July 13, 20217:00 PM – 8:00 PM AST

Bring your acrylic paints and brushes for this fun interactive event. You will learn how to paint a palm tree on the beach in a fun easy relaxing way! Grab a pal and do it together!

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Amazing! She is personable and listens to the needs of her clients. What I think is truly great is the way she can use her analytical side and artistic side at the same time to be efficient. She is unique, fun and all around fantastic.I can't say enough good things about Jill, Creative KickstART and Jill Perla Art!

Jackie P.

Jill, thank you so much! I love you and your creative kickstart program! You validate all of us where we are. You make it safe for us to create and feel great in the process! Thank you! For anyone wanting to learn in a safe environment—-join!!

G. Paige

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have time?

All of the classes are recorded and sent out so that you can play at your leisure. Each class is kept to one hour or less so that you can fit it into your schedule.

What if I don't have an easel?

The size canvas I teach on are routinely small so that they can be easily painted flat. You can also lean it up against books if you don’t have an easel to prop it upon.

Can I do this if I've never painted before?

People who have never painted before are welcome! I love to work with people who have zero experience and I love how much fun they have creating pieces they are proud enough to hang!

What if I can't make the LIVE classes?

They are recorded so that you can download and watch over again.

How can I do this with a friend or colleague?

I encourage you to invite your friends to do Creative KickstART with a friend or colleague. Get them to join with you so that you can be in the same group together. You can even compare your paintings with one another.

Do you have individual classes I can buy?

Yes, if you want to test out the classes, you can take one class any time they are offered for a single time purchase price.

How can I make time to be more creative?

Life is filled with creativity stiflers – those things that make it impossible for us to feel centered, calm or in a creative frame of mind. But it also offers unlimited ways for us to try new things, seek new ideas and express our unique style. The trick is to embrace those moments that allow creativity throughout the day and deal with the stiflers as if our very happiness depends on it, because it does!

I’m not really creative or artistic. What will I get out of Creative KickstART?

The hands-on activities require no art skills, but they do expose you to new experiences and help you see your world differently. Imagine being able to map out all the plans and ideas racing around in your mind, or to visually brainstorm exciting and innovative ideas for your business, or to quiet the noise during a busy day.☯☯

What if I don't have supplies?

I have a curated Art Box that includes all the supplies you need to get you started!

What if I'm not artistic?

Most of my Creative KickstART Members claim to be not artistic, but in fact when they learn how to paint with me, they quickly realize they have the ability to learn and grow.

How long are the monthly live classes?

Each class is one hour, typically in the evening for maximum participation.

How long are the live and recorded classes?

Each live class is routinely 1 hour long and the recorded classes can range from 20 minutes, to go over a technique, process, or a small painting.

Do you run your classes for private groups or corporate teams?

I have been teaching group art classes for ten years now and have been at many resorts, hotels, wineries, and large corporations such as Orbital. I have even taught a class for The Carter Center, yes, former Jimmy Carter’s foundation!

If I become a member, do I get free access to your regular classes?

As a Member you get access to all the classes I teach, from pre-recorded to live classes. Plus you get access to my private Facebook Group!

Why is creativity training so important if I’m not a creative person?

Creativity is the most in-demand soft skill according to a recent LinkedIn study. Adaptability is on the short list too. That’s because both skills help you overcome obstacles by imagining new solutions and being open to new ways of thinking. Urban theorists, who look at economics, predict a future where creative ethos leads the way. In fact, many industries are already seeing “disruptive” technologies change their business models. Wouldn’t it feel great to be well poised or out ahead?

Testimonials & Awards

Jill is such a talented artist! She gets colors, textures, energy and she listens to what you are saying to her. In the past I have sold her work in my shop and I own 4 of her paintings. I never get tired of looking at them! We purchased a home in the spring and I wanted two large pieces of art for the parlor area.
I reached out to Jill with an idea, colors and a theme.  She nailed both pieces and we are thrilled! I get compliments on them and they make the entire room!

Lisa Hall, Owner, The Wedding Niche

As my husband and I were novices to commissioning art, Jill made the process seamless and transparent. She was incredibly easy to work with and extremely patient. She made our vision to come to life perfectly with the scene she developed and the colors she used. Her piece of art is the centerpiece of our living space and has given us a cohesive spa like feeling

G. and J. White, Alexandria, VA

Beautiful art - just look at the header on this Alignable page! Full of light, color, delicate vibrant!!! Has lovely movement and nice feeling!!

The Showtime Group at Keller Williams Realty Pittsburgh North

Yes, highly recommend Jill! Her work is unique and beautiful, fresh and timeless.

C. Tulloch, TLC Publishing LLC.

She is a wonderful person and so talented! Her paintings are beautiful!

L. Peterson, Airwell B&B

Jill is smart, creative, and very engaging. She uses the platform of art to help expand a person's mind and and unleash your inner creativity. She helps you bring out talents and thoughts you did not you well as bring out the beaut of art and what is around us to express feelings and make statements. I highly recommend Jill for artist work, events, and brainstorming/consults on how to expand your mind and your life and business!

D. Irelan, Temp-Power Generator Rentals

Jill has painted multiple pieces of art for my dental office. She is a breeze to work with and does incredible work! Highly recommend all of her services, including her online art classes and coaching!

Leesburg Family Smiles

Wow.....I am smitten by her art, but I didn't realize that it was everywhere. From homes in Loudoun to the DC I heard. She can make art to match your "LOOK" in your office too..

Flowthrough Plumbing Co. LLC

This kind and professional artist creates beautiful work.


I have worked with Jill over the past 6 years or more. She has great insight and highly creative.

American Management of Virginia

Hands down best artist in Loudoun.

Michael & Son

Amazing Artist!

M. Scott

Jill combines her energy, vision, talent and friendliness into custom art for your home or office.

The Piano Company

Jill is not only a talented artist, she is a really fine lady, as well.

K. Hurst