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Tap into your creative energy with relaxing online art!

As an artist and creative consultant, Jill helps you through insightful art-based experiences - helping you make breakthroughs, gain clarity and motivate. You don’t need to be an artist to embrace an artistic view of the world - just a willingness to try.

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Jill is amazing! She is personable and listens to the needs of her clients. What I think is truly great is the way she can use her analytical side and artistic side at the same time to be efficient. She is unique, fun and all around fantastic.
I can't say enough good things about Jill and Jill Perla Art!

Jackie P.

Injecting creativity into your daily routine will help you see things in a more-forward thinking way, setting in motion changes and progress that move you towards a goal and allow you to tap into an internal source of energy to:

  • Focus on goals
  • Gain Clarity
  • Become more adaptable
  • Find greater satisfaction from your life
  • Bring more creativity into your everyday life
  • Be open to change and new experiences
  • Gain a deeper appreciation for your strengths
  • Discover new interests or direction
Try A Free Creative KickstART Class

Q: How can I make time to be more creative?

Life is filled with creativity stiflers – those things that make it impossible for us to feel centered, calm or in a creative frame of mind. But it also offers unlimited ways for us to try new things, seek new ideas and express our unique style. The trick is to embrace those moments that allow creativity throughout the day and deal with the stiflers as if our very happiness depends on it, because it does!

Q: Why is creativity training so important if I’m not a creative person?
Creativity is the most in-demand soft skill according to a recent LinkedIn study. Adaptability is on the short list too. That’s because both skills help you overcome obstacles by imagining new solutions and being open to new ways of thinking. Urban theorists, who look at economics, predict a future where creative ethos leads the way. In fact, many industries are already seeing “disruptive” technologies change their business models. Wouldn’t it feel great to be well poised or out ahead?

Q: I’m not really creative or artistic. What will I get out of Creative KickstART?
The hands-on activities require no art skills, but they do expose you to new experiences and help you see your world differently. Imagine being able to map out all the plans and ideas racing around in your mind, or to visually brainstorm exciting and innovative ideas for your business, or to quiet the noise during a busy day.

Jill is a creative, intuitive leader and mentor.  She listens and helps move you forward in your business and your life!  Her artistic skills are truly exceptional and she uses this in implementing a plan for you and your business.  
Highly recommend Jill Perla!

Melissa B.

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Jill Perla Art

Art touches the soul... art is communication. It reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing. Thank you for visiting. Jill Perla


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