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Jill Perla Website Image
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Creative KickstART Membership

Jill Perla Website Image
Jill Perla Website Image

Let's have a little fun and get creative with painting!

Join the free Create with Jill community for behind-the-scenes access to Jill's creative process, first dibs on new art pieces, and tips for expressing your creativity.

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Upcoming Classes

Soft Floral Painting Art Class

Tuesday, December 14th

7:00 -8:00 PM EST

Peacock Painting Art Class

Tuesday, January 11th and 25th

7:00 -8:00 PM EST

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't have time?

All of the classes are recorded and sent out so that you can play at your leisure. Each class is kept to one hour or less so that you can fit it into your schedule.

What if I don't have an easel?

The size canvas I teach on are routinely small so that they can be easily painted flat. You can also lean it up against books if you don’t have an easel to prop it upon.

Can I do this if I've never painted before?

People who have never painted before are welcome! I love to work with people who have zero experience and I love how much fun they have creating pieces they are proud enough to hang!

What if I can't make the LIVE classes?

They are recorded so that you can download and watch over again.

How can I do this with a friend or colleague?

I encourage you to invite your friends to do Creative KickstART with a friend or colleague. Get them to join with you so that you can be in the same group together. You can even compare your paintings with one another.

Do you have individual classes I can buy?

Yes, if you want to test out the classes, you can take one class any time they are offered for a single time purchase price.

How can I make time to be more creative?

Life is filled with creativity stiflers – those things that make it impossible for us to feel centered, calm or in a creative frame of mind. But it also offers unlimited ways for us to try new things, seek new ideas and express our unique style. The trick is to embrace those moments that allow creativity throughout the day and deal with the stiflers as if our very happiness depends on it, because it does!

I’m not really creative or artistic. What will I get out of Creative KickstART?

The hands-on activities require no art skills, but they do expose you to new experiences and help you see your world differently. Imagine being able to map out all the plans and ideas racing around in your mind, or to visually brainstorm exciting and innovative ideas for your business, or to quiet the noise during a busy day.☯☯

What if I don't have supplies?

I have a curated Art Box that includes all the supplies you need to get you started!

What if I'm not artistic?

Most of my Creative KickstART Members claim to be not artistic, but in fact when they learn how to paint with me, they quickly realize they have the ability to learn and grow.

How long are the monthly live classes?

Each class is one hour, typically in the evening for maximum participation.

How long are the live and recorded classes?

Each live class is routinely 1 hour long and the recorded classes can range from 20 minutes, to go over a technique, process, or a small painting.

Do you run your classes for private groups or corporate teams?

I have been teaching group art classes for ten years now and have been at many resorts, hotels, wineries, and large corporations such as Orbital. I have even taught a class for The Carter Center, yes, former Jimmy Carter’s foundation!

If I become a member, do I get free access to your regular classes?

As a Member you get access to all the classes I teach, from pre-recorded to live classes. Plus you get access to my private Facebook Group!

Why is creativity training so important if I’m not a creative person?

Creativity is the most in-demand soft skill according to a recent LinkedIn study. Adaptability is on the short list too. That’s because both skills help you overcome obstacles by imagining new solutions and being open to new ways of thinking. Urban theorists, who look at economics, predict a future where creative ethos leads the way. In fact, many industries are already seeing “disruptive” technologies change their business models. Wouldn’t it feel great to be well poised or out ahead?

Who is Jill Perla?

Jill is an accomplished artist, with a well established, profitable commissioned art business and numerous awards to her name. She has been named Loudoun’s Favorite Artist and has deep roots in Northern Virginia’s business and art communities.

Jill has always been a creative person but did not truly take her potential in painting to the next level until 2007, after accompanying her father to art therapy. She took the leap and left behind a 25-year career in sales and business marketing to become a full-time artist. Today, her business has expanded to offer color consulting, art-based team building events to 1000s of people, art arrangement and creativity coaching in addition to commissioned pieces.

Jill’s philosophy is that our cups are not half empty or half full – but instead they are overflowing and often we simply fail to recognize it. By harnessing our inner creativity, she believes we can break free of preconceptions and old habits or mindsets, embrace the present, express gratitude, and re-energize the everyday.