Colors and Art Consultations at home.

Interior Design of Room by Grey Hunt Interiors

Creative concepts for discerning, unique clients.

Interior Design of Room by Grey Hunt Interiors

Inspire new perspectives with creative training.

Interior Design of Room by Grey Hunt Interiors

Inspire new perspectives with creative training.

Voices of the 21st Century

Bringing women's voices to the forefront
of change #voicesofthe21stcentury
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“Each chapter was like having a cup of coffee with a new friend! Though every woman’s story is a unique one, all send a needed message of passion and encouragement.”

Suzanne W. Paynter,

I love this collection of short teaching stories written by powerful and passionate women. Each storyteller draws you in, to make you feel like they are passing on their special wisdom, enlightenment, or encouragement to you. Written on a few pages, each story is direct while layered in thought, wisdom, and emotion. When you put the book down, you are left with the feeling each woman is encouraging you to find your voice, power, or passion.

Christine B. Butterworth, B.S. E.E. ---- GMU

Experience KickStart: Clarity Through Creativity

Use KickStart to level up!

Jill will help you discover ways to be more energized and more satisfied in your business and personal life by tapping into your creative expression.

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Perla Art In The News

How Jill Perla Uses Art To Find Her Voice

Jill Perla came to her art career by following a circuitous path. She is extremely productive and she owes it to her organized studio. Learn more about Jill Perla's story and how she churns out art so quickly for clients who have commissioned her to add beauty to their lives.

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As my husband and I were novices to commissioning art, Jill made the process seamless and transparent. She was incredibly easy to work with and extremely patient. She made our vision to come to life perfectylu with the scene she developed and the colors she used. Her piece of art is the centerpiece of our living space and has given us a cohesive spa like feeling

G. and J. White
Alexandria, VA


Your work has a fantastic spirit and lots of aesthetic appeal.

Katie Olson


I have a tremendous respect for Jill Perla. From her genuine nature and uplifting spirit to her gift as a artist, Jill is a breath of fresh air to anyone she meets. Jill's artistic talent abilities to create corporate, individual and promotion pieces are phenomenal. Do yourself a favor and get to know Jill and what Jill Perla Art is all about. You will be amazed!

Dan Howard
President, Business Cast of Loudoun, Inc


Jill Perla’s year’s of experience in business is a true asset, she knows that to attract and keep clients an office space needs to reflect a stand-out style. Perla created pieces that reflected my personal style and more importantly my brand. Everyone who visits my office remarks’ on the art! The partnership I have with Perla has been stellar!

L. Kokal
Padgett Business Services


Climbing the ladder to recognition in the art world is a challenge for any artist. You definitely have an ability to see things that other artists have taken years of classroom experience to develop. That ability is what that holds the most potential for you! I would LOVE to see your artwork in NYC or greater markets someday!

Jon Baas


If you have a vision of art you want in your home or maybe you have seen some inspirational pieces that aren't quite right, Jill can make your vision come to life. She works with you to identify what you want, the colors and the size you need...and she makes it happen.  Her works is exquisitely done and she is a professional throughout the process. Best of all, you get your very own unique piece of art that no one else has!

N. Tandon
Decorating Den


As a designer and business owner I love working with Jill!  Her talent and vision is a gift but the connections she makes in her art and the process make it such a joy.   I am thrilled to have Grey Hunt Interiors and Jill Perla Art work together to create beautiful art and spaces.

S. Kjos
Owner, Lead Designer, Grey Hunt Interiors


It has been a pleasure to work with Jill Perla on multiple projects. She has created artwork for me personally and for interior design clients I have referred. Regardless of the assignment, Jill comes through with responsibility, organization, valued pricing and, above all, great talent. She has the innate ability to understand the goals of a project and will exceed expectations! I highly recommend her for your artistic painting needs.

Andrea Schwartz
Designz, LLC


Beautiful art - just look at the header on this Alignable page! Full of light, color, delicate vibrant!!! Has lovely movement and nice feeling!!

The Showtime Group at Keller
Williams Realty Pittsburgh North


Yes, highly recommend Jill! Her work is unique and beautiful, fresh and timeless. C. Tulloch

TLC Publishing LLC


She is a wonderful person and so talented! Her paintings are beautiful! L. Peterson

Airwell B&B


Jill is smart, creative, and very engaging. She uses the platform of art to help expand a person's mind and and unleash your inner creativity. She helps you bring out talents and thoughts you did not you well as bring out the beaut of art and what is around us to express feelings and make statements. I highly recommend Jill for artist work, events, and brainstorming/consults on how to expand your mind and your life and business! D. Irelan

Temp-Power Generator Rentals


Jill has painted multiple pieces of art for my dental office. She is a breeze to work with and does incredible work! Highly recommend all of her services, including her online art classes and coaching!

Leesburg Family Smiles


Wow.....I am smitten by her art, but I didn't realize that it was everywhere. From homes in Loudoun to the DC I heard. She can make art to match your "LOOK" in your office too..

Flowthrough Plumbing Co. LLC


This kind and professional artist creates beautiful work.



I have worked with Jill over the past 6 years or more. She has great insight and highly creative.

American Management of Virginia


extremely talented

Premiere Promotional Products


hands down best artist in loudoun

Michael & Son


Amazing Artist!

M. Scott


Jill combines her energy, vision, talent and friendliness into custom art for your home or office.

K. Hurst


Jill is not only a talented artist, she is a really fine lady, as well.

The Piano Company

Jill Perla Art

Art touches the soul... art is communication. It reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing. Thank you for visiting. Jill Perla


880 East Harrison St SE
Leesburg, VA 20176

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