Need a Visual Break?

jill perla news 1Ever heard of a visual break? Picture this. Your day is way out of control and all you see in front of you is chaos. Wouldn’t you like to have a visual break in your home or office?

If you are now sitting in an office reading this, look around, what do you see? Just to-do lists or are you met with a visual break?

Are your doctor’s offices’ spa-like? If not, ask me how I have helped medical practices with their décor to help co-create spaces that give patients a ‘visual break’.

Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing who lived in the 19th century, proclaimed: “Variety of form and brilliancy of color in the object presented to patients are an actual means of recovery.”

If you’re in need of a visual break, either in your office or at home, both of these pieces will be at the Tryst Gallery for the upcoming LAX Squared Show!

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jill perla news 4LAX Squared Show at Tryst Gallery

Premier Reception:
Friday, August 3rd, 2018 6 – 9pm

Show runs: Friday, August 3rd – Wednesday, September 27th

312 D E. Market St.
Leesburg, VA


Upcoming Events

jill perla news 5Join Me for a Fun Paint Night!

Creeks Edge Winery

Friday, August 24th

41255 Annas Lane
Lovesttsville, VA

Visit their website for updates and details of the event!


Jill’s Projects this Month

Water’s Chords by Jill Perla

Water’s Chords by Jill Perla

Water’s Chords by Jill Perla[/caption]New Abstract for a Piano Room measuring 48”x60”x2”
This one was a pleasure to create. I have stopped here and am contemplating where the piece will take me as there may be another element added. Time will tell. So far after listening to classical music while painting this, a flow of water over rocks has come.
Attention Realtors, if you are interested in a unique client gift, a home rendering is the perfect item! Here are a couple of examples:
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A Huge Thank You to Everyone!

I was voted as Loudon Now’s Favorite Artist!
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Would you like to purchase a piece of art?
Reach out to Jill today!
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