Jill Perla Art has thousands of ecstatic customers around the world who have purchased Jill’s original canvas paintings and prints. Jill works from her home studio and sells most of her artwork to local homeowners, builders, realtors, restaurants, interior designers, decorators, corporations and institutions; online nationwide and worldwide.

Jill’s Portfolio

Art encompasses a lot more than what you see — if it is done well it invites you to emotional places. From color consulting to commissioned paintings and furniture refinishing, Jill strives to bring you joy.

Favorite Art Styles & Themes of Jill Perla Art

– Nature/Trees/Flowers
– Ladies in Dresses
– House Renderings
– Pet Portraits
– Wine Related Paintings
– Wedding Bouquet Reproductions

Wrapped Canvas Paintings

Jill paints the entire canvas including borders and her paintings wrap seamlessly around the edge with no staples showing. Her paintings can be hung on their own. There is no need to add a frame.

Types of Jill Perla’s Artwork

– Original Signed, Canvas Paintings
– Small to Large Canvas Paintings
– Custom Murals
– High Quality Prints
– Triptychs (three related painting panels of canvas)

Preview Painting in Your Home!

See how the painting might look in your room before you order!
– Make digital photos of your living / family room, bedroom, office or hall, restaurant, bar or music room.
– Email the photos to Jill Perla using the form to the right.
– Jill will make some digital sketches in Photoshop and will get back to you with her suggestions.
– We’ll check the layout and sizes together so you’ll be sure that you are getting exactly what your room decor needs!

Interior Designer Color Consultant

It is a well known fact that color can affect your level of energy and mood. Achieving the look and feel that you want in a color is vital to the overall atmosphere in a room. Because painting is an investment, you want colors you can enjoy for a long time. Jill Perla offers a color consultation service where she will come to your home and discuss the colors in your favorite decor and furniture, as well as the moods and colors you are trying to evoke in your home. Using your colors and tastes, Jill will create a coordinated palette to beautify your home.

Art Experiences

From Designed with Wine, Paint and Pint and Designed with Purpose events where novices paint till there hearts content in local wineries and restaurants, to art experiences that touch the soul, Jill delves into every aspect of your creative self.

A.R.T. “Art Retains Teams”

Workshops are designed to promote problem solving, productivity, and encourage different perspectives in a positive environment. These exercises tap into the creativity of individuals and give them the confidence in their own creative abilities. Participants find successful ways to work with colleagues while increasing innovating thinking and inspiration.

The host of the event chooses an image or idea and an option such as painting, collage, or drawing. Host can select a project that results in each participant having a completed piece; or a team effort with a collaborative piece. Jill will guide this process. Led by award-winning artist Jill Perla, this event advances personal and business development in networking and business skills through team building. Jill hails from a lengthy corporate career in management and recognizes the impact creative breaks offer a team. Learn more: