Jill Perla March Newsletter

jill march

Art at the Mill Spring Show

32 East Main Street, P.O. Box 306, Berryville, Virginia 22611

Phone: 540-955-2600

jill march 2 and 3

These pieces of art will be available for purchase at the Art at the Mill Show

Moulin Rouge Show

Tryst Gallery, 312 D East Market Street, Leesburg, VA
jill march 4

jill march 5 and 6

These pieces were submitted for consideration.


Creeks Edge Winery

April 20

Visit: http://creeksedgewinery.com for updates on the event and where we will paint.

jill march 7

Thank You!

jill march 8
Thank you for voting for me as Best of Loudoun Artist 2018! I am honored to have this special designation!

Jill’s Projects this Month

A special gift for CEO of Lansdowne Resort and Spa
jill march 9

A home rendering for a lovely realtor who had some special additions! Can you spy the cardinal, ladybug and of course the rainbow?
jill march 10

Would you like a painting of your home? Here is the original photo it just needs to be painted by Jill Perla.
jill march 11

This was a sentimental painting to help memorialize a special pet!
jill march 12

Please Contact Jill if you’d like her to customize a painting for you.