IMG_5574Jill Perla is an award winning local artist and exhibitor, proud to call Loudoun County, Virginia home. Jill paints original canvas paintings on museum quality canvas, most often with a palette knife to give high texture and interest. She uses archival professional grade paints that may include sand, gem stones and glass beads. Not wanting to be restrained to one particular genre, Jill’s art is a combination of contemporary, modern, abstract and representational! Jill is available for commissioned paintings from photographs or requests.

History & Origin of Jill Perla’s Canvas Paintings & Art

Jill Perla grew up in Northeast Massachusetts. While she has been creative her whole life, her passion to emote through canvas began professionally in 2007. When Jill’s father was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and began painting classes as part of his therapy, Jill joined him and found an instant passion. She left a 25 year career in sales and business marketing in Washington D.C. to begin an award winner career in canvas painting and prints.

Ideas, Inspiration & Vignettes for Jill Perla’s Art

Jill finds vignettes, ideas and inspiration from nature and most importantly color. While other painters focus more on technical aspects and perfecting the structure of the object, Jill enjoys concentrating on the blend of colors that make that object magnify in a piece of artwork that celebrates life and gives joy to all those who partake of it. Jill’s paintings are an exploration of ideas born from thoughts, experiences and feelings. Through her art, Jill is seeking to create something meaningful by representing a personal vision of reality which is based on the wonder of the natural world. She is driven to transmit optimism and happiness in the mind of the viewer!